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How we work & finish the project.

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Cris Yan

Project Manager

With over 2 years of experience in social media marketing and content social e-commerce, I have successfully assisted multiple brands in expanding their online presence on various social media platforms and also generating sales. My creativity and data-savvy personality enables me to develop effective yet unique strategies for my clients, aiding them in achieving optimal results within the timeframe.


Ctrip(携程), also known as is one of the leading Chinese online travel platform that provides wide range of travel-related services, including flights bookings, train bookings, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and other travel arrangements for consumers in China. With its comprehensive travel services, Ctrip is comparable to and Expedia.

Ctrip have exceeded 3 billion cumulative downloads as of 2021 and reached over 56 million monthly active users as of December 2022. Ctrip female users accounted up to 47% of the user database and male users accounted for 53%. The user database of Ctrip is diverse and it provides a wealth of opportunities for brands to tap into its extensive user base of travelers.

Brands can leverage on Ctrip to boost brand exposure and awareness through various ways such as targeted advertising, partnership opportunities, in-app promotions, influencer marketing and product integrations. These strategies empower brands to connect and engage with more potential Chinese tourists, driving traffic and sales to boutiques at destinations,


Lemon8 is a social media app launched by ByteDance in 2020, allowing users to uncover and share captivating content related to beauty, fashion, travel and beyond, in a more authentic and diverse environment. It has been likened to Xiaohongshu to cater to markets outside of China. Lemon8 serves as a platform that inspire creativity and share ideas to benefit everyone in the vibrant community.


T-mall, also known as or Tianmao, is a prominent Chinese e- commerce retail platform operated by Alibaba Group. It is a business-to-consumer (B2C) platform where official brands can set up their e-commerce stores to sell their products directly to consumers in China. Notably, T-mall hosts over 180,000 international brands and accounts for 51% of all B2C transaction with more than 780 million monthly active users as of September 2022. The platform’s user base is diverse, with both male and female users actively engaging in online shopping on T-mall.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo, often referred to as simply “Weibo,” is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms in China. It was launched by SINA Corporation in 2009 and has since become a prominent microblogging news platform, often compared to Twitter. As of June 2022, Weibo reached a high 582 million monthly active users with 44% being female and 56% male. Majority of the users are relatively young where the largest users segment falls within the age range of 18 to 30 years old.

Weibo allows users to post short messages, photos, and videos to share their thoughts, experiences, and updates with followers and the public. Users can follow others, comment on posts, and engage in discussions, making it a highly interactive platform. Weibo is widely used by individuals, celebrities, businesses, and media outlets to disseminate information, express opinions, and engage with their audience. Businesses also can utilize the in-app advertisement to further attract potential users and boost brand recognition among the community.

It plays a significant role in shaping public opinions, tracking trends, and promoting brands and products in the Chinese market. Weibo’s extensive user base and real-time nature have made it a powerful social media platform in China’s online landscape.


WeChat is China’s omnipotent all-in-one super app that provides various functions such as messaging, social media, mini programs, and mobile payment. WeChat is developed by Tencent, a well-known Chinese tech company and it was first launched in 2011. It has become one of the most popular apps in China and has a significant user base globally.

As of March 2023, WeChat has a total of 1.3 billion monthly active users, with 47% being female and 53% male. Its users span across various age groups, but majority are young adults and working professionals with age ranging from 24 to 35 years old.

With its multi-functional features and wide range of services, WeChat has become an indispensable part of daily lives of many Chinese users. Besides being an essential tool for daily life, it has also become a platform for businesses to create official account to engage with their target audiences, offers customer service and provide updates. There’s also in-app advertisement available for businesses to increase brand visibility via placing advertisement in WeChat Moments.

(Little Red Book)

小红书(Xiaohongshu), also known as “Little Red Book” or “RED,” is a social networking and cross border e-commerce app in China. It was launched in 2011 and has gained immense popularity among young Chinese consumers. The app primarily serves as a content-driven platform, where users can create and share product reviews or content about fashion, beauty, travel, food, and various lifestyle topics.

As of February 2022, Xiaohongshu has a total of 300 million monthly active users, with 86% being female and 14% male. Most users fall within the age groups of 25-30 years old and 31-35 years old.

Users often share authentic reviews and recommendations of products they have used, which influence the purchase decisions of other users on the platform. Xiaohongshu also integrates social commerce, allowing users to easily find and purchase products mentioned in the content they browse. The platform has many influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who play a significant role in shaping consumer preferences and trends.

Additionally, Xiaohongshu have in-app advertisement to allow official brand accounts to place advertisement within the platform to increase brand visibility and exposure among the community. It has become a go-to platform for young Chinese consumers seeking lifestyle inspiration, authentic product recommendations, and access to international brands.

Yang Xinyi

Account Executive

During a year and a half of engagement in the digital marketing field and active involvement in diverse campaigns, I have witnessed significant enhancements in both my abilities and skills. With an abundance of expertise in copywriting and a deep comprehension of Chinese social media, I possess the capability to construct distinctive promotional content and make creative social media marketing strategies tailored for different clients.

Wu Kai Wen

Videographer & Editor

With 5 years of experience in the social media industry and video commercials, my expertise encompasses a comprehensive skill of the entire video production process, spanning from pre-production to post-production. This extensive experience has granted me a profound understanding of video production, while my proficiency in various video editing software and tools empowers me to craft visually stunning and impactful videos that captivate audiences. From conceptualization to the final edit, I take pride in delivering videos that evoke emotions and leave lasting impression.

Lee Jingtung

Graphic Designer

With 2 years of experience in the graphic design industry, my client-focused and collaborative approach has been the cornerstone of my success. Nothing brings me greater joy than translating my clients’ visions into visually stunning designs that leave a lasting impact. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects, from crafting memorable branding and logos to developing captivating marketing collaterals that drive engagements. My design expertise spans across various styles and industries, allowing me to deliver tailored solutions that resonate with target audiences and elevate brands to new heights.

Eelyn Wong​

Account Executive

As a recent graduate and newcomer to marketing, my unique background in aviation and cruise industries has proven invaluable in shaping my approach to the field. Through these experiences, I’ve gained a profound understanding of customer satisfaction and honed my planning and strategizing skills, which are vital for producing creative content that resonates with clients and their target audiences. Moreover, my passion for Chinese social media has driven me to stay ahead of trends and emerging topics in the Chinese market, allowing me to provide fresh, tailored solutions that engage and captivate our clients’ audiences effectively. I take pride in leveraging my diverse expertise to deliver results-driven marketing strategies and create impactful campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Yang Xiaodi​​

Account Executive

Embarking on a rewarding journey of over 2 years, my content creation and video production endeavours across various social media platforms have bestowed me a solid foundation in creative production and strategy development. Notably, my co-founding of XHS’s “Meet Singapore” account served as a transformative experience that further deepened my understanding of Chinese social media. My passion for film and extensive video editing training have honed my skills in crafting captivating visual stories that resonates deeply with audiences.

Nicole Pang

Digital Project Manager

As a dynamic and energetic professional in the digital marketing sector, I am fueled by an unwavering passion for Chinese sociocultural aspects and their future development potential, which drives me to create successful campaigns for clients. With proficient skills in managing Chinese social media accounts, I am committed to crafting impactful strategies that resonate with Chinese consumers, amplifying the voice of brands through the world of social media.

Foo Enqi

Digital Project Manager

With over 4 years of experience in digital marketing, I have played a pivotal role in steering multiple brands towards success by amplifying their brand presence and visibility in the ever-evolving Chinese market. My passion for Chinese social media has enabled me to create tailor-made marketing strategies that effectively engage Chinese consumers. I possess extended expertise in adeptly managing Chinese social media accounts and crafting successful KOL marketing campaigns. My unwavering commitment to my clients’ needs and aspirations drives me to adopt a client-centric approach in my endeavours, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction and results.

Lim Hui Ern

Digital Project Manager

With over 4 years of experience in the realm of digital marketing in the Chinese market, I have adeptly spearheaded multiple successful projects spanning diverse industries, including beauty, hospitality, children’s play parks, healthcare products, and interior design. My dynamic fusion of experience and creativity serves as a catalyst, empowering me to craft tailor-made and effective marketing strategies that propel my clients towards unparalleled success.